Past Programs

Completed programs for 2014

January – Manage That Stash

Ideas for getting a handle on your knitting projects and all your supplies.

Do you have some that work? Be prepared to let us know about them.

February – Yarn Swap

Now that you have your stash under control, bring in the extra yarn to swap for other yarn gems.

Make room for new supplies and get ready for Stitches West.

March – Stitches West Debrief – Tell us about your experience

Did you attend a class at Stitches West? How was it and what did you learn?

Did you scope out a new teacher who would be great for a workshop next year?

What new yarns did you find?

What new trends did you spot?

Which old favorites were at the show?


Gauge swatches – why do them and what they tell you


Biography of Elizabeth Zimmermann


Tribute to Barbara Scott


Knitting with Beads

August – Crochet for Knitters

Every knitter needs to crochet, like it or not. Learn basics, plus edging and joining.

Enter a whole new world of finishing.

September – Book Sale and discussion.

Bring in the books you no longer need (knitting or not) to sell.

Bring in your list of favorite books about knitters and by knitters, from Mme. Defarge to Sue Grafton to Maggie Sefton.

Tell us why you recommend them. (“Because I do.” is an OK answer!)

Find a book to take to the retreat.

October – Meet the Yarniacs


Share your last-minute gift ideas

December – Party

the party, of course, with Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright and Snowball
 Did you notice a few blank months? (TBD) We are still looking for members to suggest and present a few more programs.

Suggestions: Beading, making buttons, knitting with wire, intarsia

As always, sharing your favorite tips and tricks can open a whole world of knitting to other members – we’ll be looking to you at the meetings!

And we haven’t forgotten the Technology classes we keep promising. We just have to figure out how to present them to a group.


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