July 2017 Program-How Ply Structure affects Knitting

Our speaker for the July meeting will be Kelly Locke. Kelly, a woman of many talents, recently wrote me:
“Gardeners have a saying. “Right plant, right place.” You know the feeling. You see a gorgeous plant at the nursery with such interesting flowers that you have to have it. You know it won’t thrive in your climate or fit in the spot you have for it, but you’ll make it work. The same thing happens at the yarn shop. A lovely soft yarn catches your eye. You take it home and you make something with it, but it isn’t quite right. The garment starts pilling before you have even finished the knitting. The fabric that was supposed to drape beautifully is instead stiff and firm. That beautiful lace that you worked so hard to make just doesn’t block open. You may wonder why the finished object is disappointing. Well, to paraphrase the gardener’s mantra, “Right yarn, right pattern.”
One of the yarn characteristics that can have a big impact on the finished project is the ply structure. Yet how many times have you actually examined and thought about the ply structure of the yarn you use? Spinners do a lot of thinking about yarn plying. As a long-time spinner I will share with you what spinning has taught me about ply structure and how it can help you match that gorgeous yarn to the pattern that will make if shine. “
I started spinning in 1998 and soon my skeins of yarn were overflowing the bowls and shelves where I had decoratively placed them. Even giving yarn away to friends and family couldn’t stop the proliferation! So I learned to knit and weave in self-defense! In 2014 my friend Marsha and I started the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures podcast to share our fiber fun with others. You can listen to the podcast and see other information about my projects at http://twoewesfiberadventures.com I’m also on Ravelry as 1hundredprojects.”

Please join us for our July meeting, an essential one for knitters to know.
Dates and Locations:
The NIGHT MEETING will be on Tuesday evening, July 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, 2500 Soquel Ave. (Dinner beforehand for those who wish at Jeffery’s on Soquel.)

The DAY MEETING will be on Thursday, July 20, from 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at Vintage Faith Church (aka The Abbey), the large brick church at the corner of Mission and Highland. From Highway 1 North, Highland is the first right after the light at the top of the hill where Highway 1 merges into Mission Street. Parking lot is the first right turn off Highland. From Highway 1 (Mission Street) South, turn left at the light on Walnut to Escalona. Turn right on Escalona to its end at Highland. Parking lot is across Highland. Enter through the Office; our meeting is straight ahead in The Fireside Room. (Lunch afterwards for those who wish at Zachary’s downtown on Pacific Avenue.)

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