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Planning a May Fair – You’re Invited to Participate

This year we’re planning our own May Fair as the program for the two Knitting Guild meetings in May — a Techniques Fair. You know how there are all those nifty tips and techniques that make your knitting easier? Well, we want to feature as many of these as we can in our MayTechniques Fair. Here are some examples:

– Cabling without a cable needle;
– I-cord
– Kitchener stitch
– Provisional cast-on
– How to make a center-pull ball of yarn
– The jogless jog in striped knitting in the round
– Knitting backwards
– Buttonholes
– Magic loop for circular knitting
– Duplicate stitch
– Felted join
– And more (what are your favorites?)

What do we need to make this happen? You, or at least a few of you, to volunteer to demonstrate a technique. You don’t have to do a whole program, just be prepared to show folks how to do it and how it can be used; a sample and a handout would be good, too (we can help with copies of handouts). Each of these techniques can be demonstrated easily in a short period of time. We’ll set up the program to showcase the techniques simultaneously, sort of like “speed dating,” so everyone can move around and learn about as many techniques as they want. We want to demonstrate at least 5 or 6 at each meeting (more if we have enough volunteers)

You don’t have to come to both meetings, just commit to either the day or the night meeting (or both if you want to). That means that each meeting will be a little different, which will be fun. The night meeting is Tues., May 12 and the day meeting is Thurs., May 21.

Don’t be shy and don’t assume that everyone already knows everything! The list above is not exhaustive by any means. If you know something you’d like to show, great! The more volunteers the better the program.

To volunteer or for more details, contact me, Martha Dexter, directly at my email address:  Deadline to volunteer is Friday, May 1.

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