Elizabeth Zimmeerman Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ)

The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket

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  2. Stage Two
  3. Stage Three
  4. Stage Four
  5. Stage Five

Baby Surprise Jacket Knit-Along

Hosted by the Knitting Guild of Santa Cruz

What is a Knit-Along?

A Knit-Along (or KAL) is a community knitting project organized around making a common project, in this case, the Baby Surprise Jacket.

What is a Baby Surprise Jacket?

The Baby Surprise Jacket (or BSJ) is a famous and very popular sweater pattern designed by knitting icon Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ) in 1968.  EZ herself describes the BSJ in her book Knitting Workshop, “I call it the SURPRISE JACKET because it looks like nothing on earth when you have finished knitting it.  Sew up two seams, and you find you have the nicest little garter-stitch baby-sweater or adult mind boggler.”

How will we manage our KAL?

First, you will have to obtain the pattern and gather your supplies (see below for more information).  No need to sign up to participate.  We will launch the KAL on April 1, 2014 on the Knitting Guild website:  https://santacruzknittingguild.wordpress.com/  Note the KAL tab in the upper right corner of the home page.  The KAL is organized in 5 stages and one will be posted each week telling you how far to knit in the pattern.  If you have questions or comments, you can simply post them in the comments section right on the website.  Volunteer moderators will be keeping an eye on questions and will answer as they come up.  In five  weeks we’ll all have finished our BSJs!  Don’t have a baby in your family who can wear your BSJ?  Not to worry…The Layette Project will happily take our surplus sweaters for distribution to needy mothers right here in Santa Cruz.

What do you need to participate?

Access to the Internet and the Guild’s website;

The BSJ pattern, available from the following sources:

Schoolhouse Press, http://www.schoolhousepress.com/, pattern #05 (A-B-C-SJ Adult, Baby,   Child Surprise Jacket)

Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket DVD, available from Schoolhouse Press

Knitting Workshop (book), by Elizabeth Zimmerman

The Opinionated Knitter (book), by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Knitter’s Magazine 14, Spring 1989

Knitter’s Magazine 56, Fall 1999

3 oz. baby wool, 6 sts to 1”, sport-weight to DK (300-450 yards)

Or 2 skeins Fisherman’s wool, 5 sts to 1”, DK to worsted (350-450 yards)

Or any appropriate yarn (e.g. acrylic, cotton, etc.) that gives this gauge

One pair of knitting needles  that gives you this gauge

Regular and/or removable stitch markers or coiless safety pins, and row counter

Need help with supplies?  Check with our business members, The Swift Stitch or SueDee’s, or any other local yarn shop.

Need more information?

Check out the BSJ Wiki (of compiled information) on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-surprise-jacket/wiki

Or the Baby Surprise Jacket Group on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/baby-surprise-jacket

We’re adapting their Perpetual KAL for use in our KAL (with thanks!).

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