BSJ Stage 5

Stage 5:  Rows 82-End

Almost done!

This section is the last 12 rows (6 ridges) of the sweater.

You’ll be doing double increases again, where the ‘pick up 10’ and the ‘center 90’ meet.

If you don’t have the buttons yet, you may want to pick them out before you do the buttonhole row. That way you can be sure the buttonholes are big (or small) enough. And you can lay out the buttons on the sweater to see where to put the buttonholes.

Knit 2 ridges (4 rows) – The increases should be done on the same side (WS vs. RS, odd vs. even, whatever) as they were done on the earlier rows.

Button hole row – The BSJ Wiki has information here:

You can do the button holes on an earlier row if the buttons are large and you don’t want them too close to the edge of the sweater.

On the last row with increases, if you don’t do the increases, you’ll get a curved corner on the left & right bottom fronts of the sweater.

Once you finish the 12 rows (6 ridges) of the sweater, bind off.  Tips from BSJ Wiki here:

And all that’s left is weaving in the ends,  folding up the sweater, and seaming the wrist to shoulder.

Here are tips on folding the sweater:

Congratulations on finishing your Baby Surprise Jacket!  Bring it to the next Guild meeting!

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