BSJ Stage 2

Beginning of Stage 2Stage 2: Rows 13-46

Stage 2 is deceptively easy.
It alternates between one row of knitting across, and one row of doing the decreases.
The 23rd ridge (rows 45 and 46) does NOT have any decreases. These are 2 of the 3 “knit even” rows in the original pattern writeup.
That’s it.
For tips on how to do the decreases, see the BSJ Wiki on Decreases:

When you finish the last decrease, DO NOT remove the markers!!! You’ll need them in the next section.
If you put stripes in this stage, you’ll have a band around the arm and across the upper back. Doing the stripes at the beginning of the stage will put the stripes down near the elbow/wrist, and at the end of the stage, the stripes will be near the armhole.
Don’t forget that color changes in garter stitch look different on WS vs. RS sides.
A couple of tips…

  • Repeating from stage 1 – make sure you know where the decreases go, and you know if you’re on a “knit across” row or “do decreases” row.
  • Look at the diagonal lines forming where the decreases are. Are they nice and straight? Good. Are they wobbly? Stop and count and adjust your stitches. You might not have to rip back (see the next tip counting stitches) but definitely stop & figure out what’s going on.
  • Unless you’re counting stitches as you knit, counting stitches every few rows is enough to check you’re doing ok. I check before starting a “knit across” row – the center section should always be an even number (started with 90, and always decreases 2 stitches). The 2 end sections should have the same number of stitches. If those counts are both correct, then you’re right on track. If not…
  • If a section is off by 1 stitch, then I do a decrease in that section on the “knit across” row I’m about to start.
  • If a section is off by 2, sometimes I’ll do 2 decreases (one at the decrease point and the other one someplace else in the same section). And sometimes I rip back.
  • If it’s more than that, rip back a few rows, and see if your count is better. Then continue.
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