April 2014 Meeting

Swatching — do you find it just necessary, agonizing, or maybe even fun?  Check out Stella’s program, coming to both of April’s Guild meetings:


So you never swatch, right?  Can’t be bothered and want to get started on your project.  Maybe you never knit sweaters because you’re afraid they may not fit.  Or maybe you always swatch and have stories to share about how it saved you.  Either way, come to this program and find out why swatching should be your first step in any knitting project and how it can save you ultimate pain and agony in your knitting.

Stella Sexmith will give an overview of swatching, reasons to do it and best practices for making swatches.  Come prepared to make a swatch with some yarn and appropriate sized needles.  Or better yet, bring yarn to swatch for a pattern you want to do and get a head start on your next project.


As usual we’ll have our regular meeting with announcements and show-and-share and there will be at least one swift and ball winder at each meeting.

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