February 2014 Meeting

Yarn Swap!

Now that you all diligently cleaned up your yarn stashes following our January program on managing your stash, you’re probably eager to trade for some new yarn.  There’s no such thing as too much yarn!  Or maybe you’d like to swap out that yarn you received at our holiday party gift exchange. Well, here’s your chance:  The Knitting Guild Annual Yarn Swap.

 Here’s how the swap will work:

 – If you have yarn that you no longer want or know you won’t use and youwant to simply give it away or swap for something else, that yarn will go on the “free for swap” table.  [Please bring a reasonable amount; this isn’t the place to unload.]

– Depending on how many people want to participate in the “free for swap” table, we’ll draw numbers to make sure everyone has a chance to find a yarn she might like.

– Don’t have any yarns to bring?  That’s OK.  After yarn contributors swap, the table will be open for others to review.  Whatever unwanted yarn is left at the end will be donated to charity (or if your yarn wasn’t swapped, you can take it back if you want).

– Have some yarn that you’d like to sell?  That’s OK, too.  Simply mark the skeins with your name and the price and those yarns will be available for anyone at the meeting to purchase from you directly.  So bring cash or a checkbook if you think you might be purchasing yarn.  All money transactions are done independent of the Guild.

This is a great opportunity to pick up some yarns that are new to you or yarns that might supplement ones in your own stash.  At least one swift and ballwinder will also be available at each meeting.  After the Yarn Swap, the meeting will continue with our usual show-and-share.

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