October 2013 Meeting

September 2013
To: The Knitting Guild of Santa Cruz
From: The County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency
Asayo Westerly, 831 763-8279 (for more information)
Dear Knitters,
I am looking for volunteers who knit as I am working on a project to provide winter caps and/or scarves for the upcoming cold season for our South County Mental Health clients-mostly men.
I can provide the yarn and if there are any knitters interested in this project, please contact me at 763-8279 regarding any questions you have.
I saw the samples at the this year’s county fair and was duly impressed by the artistry and talent! This project can only be successful with your help and any support you provide will be much appreciated.
Yours truly,
Asay Westerly
Mental Health Client Specialist
editor’s note:  The items are needed by early November….
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