September Meeting

We have a lot going on at the upcoming meetings of the Knitting Guild of Santa Cruz!

Both meetings in September will feature our Annual Book Sale to benefit the guild.  In addition this year, ***at the night meeting only,*** we are happy to welcome author Rachael Herron for a reading and author talk.  Rachael is the bestselling author of the Cypress Hollow series of romance-comedy novels featuring knitters, yarn shops, and more in the fictional Central Coast California town of Cypress Hollow.  She is also the author of the memoir A Life in Stitches, praised by Publishers Weekly:  “Herron, who is young…enough to sit in bars and knit socks without looking like a nut, turns in honest, well-considered appraisals of choices she’s made, turns she’s taken, and people she’s known.”  Rachael lives in Oakland, is an avid knitter when she is not writing, and  is also a 911 fire/medical dispatcher (you may have read her essay about this in a recent issue of Interweave Knits).  We’re excited to have Rachael with us on Tuesday evening, September 9.

For the book sale at both meetings in September, please donate any books you no longer want, as long as they are not textbooks. We accept fiction, non-fiction, hard cover, paperback, and of course any knitting related books. The proceeds from this sale will go to the guild coffers for programs and education.

Paperbacks will be sold at 50 cents.
Hardbacks will be sold at $1.
Magazines and patterns 50 cents.
Knitting books will be priced (in general) $1 to $5, and the pricing will be done by the person who donates the book. Feel free to put a price you think is fair. Price stickers will be available.

Checks accepted, cash preferred (easier on the Treasurer).

The books from Tuesday night will be offered again at the day meeting and then leftovers will be donated to the SC Public Library or taken to Logos. The member in charge of disposal decides.

This is a great opportunity to pick up something to read for the September retreat weekend!

The NIGHT MEETING will be on Tuesday evening, September 9, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, 2500 Soquel Ave.

The DAY MEETING will be on Thursday, September 18, from 10 a.m. to noon at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, in the meeting room by the gym, toward the back of the complex.

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August 2014 Program

Hi knitters,

At this month’s Guild meetings, we will have a chance to branch out to (or
brush up on) crochet skills to enhance our knitting:
Crochet for Knitters

For all the wonderful things you can do with knitting, sometimes it is just
faster and easier to use a little crochet to finish your project. Join Mary
Rhodes as she leads us in exploring crab stitch, light crab stitch, some
basic and a few fancy edges (shells and picots), adding buttonholes or
loops, and making your edge match the drape/gauge of your fabric.

Bring a swatch of knitting to play with some edges and some contrasting
yarn – worsted or DK weight are good, and a size G-I hook.  Mary will have
some hooks and yarn, too, if you don’t have your own.

Mary is a crochet expert and has taught crochet at local yarn stores.

The NIGHT MEETING will be on Tuesday evening, August 12, from
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church,
2500 Soquel Ave.

The DAY MEETING will be on Thursday, August 21, from 10 a.m. to noon at Holy
Cross Church in Santa Cruz, in the meeting room by the gym, toward the back
of the complex.

Hope you can make it,

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July Program

Hi knitters,

July Guild meetings will be here before we know it, and this month’s program(s) will be about Playing Around with Beads.  Here’s what presenter Kathy Haber says about the program and about what to bring with you to the meeting, in order to be able to join in:


For our July program, Kathy Haber will be showing us various ways to

incorporate beads into knitting. Part of this program is based on Lily

Chin’s book,  Knitting and Crocheting with Beads. To participate, bring along:

  • small amount fine, smooth yarn
  • knitting needles to give a good gauge with this yarn
  • a crochet hook the same size as the knitting needles (approx)
  • a very tiny crochet hook, if you have one
  • any beads you may have. Must have a pretty large hole.
  • very good quality sewing/quilting thread
  • small tapestry needle or beading needle.
  • Most important of all, bring a sense of adventure!!

We will work up a small square sampler using various techniques.

See you in July.


The NIGHT MEETING will be on Tuesday evening, July 8, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, 2500 Soquel Ave.

The DAY MEETING will be on Thursday, July 17, from 10 a.m. to noon at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, in the meeting room by the gym, toward the back of the complex.

 Hope you can make it,


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June Program

I’m looking forward to the June meetings to share with you some of Barbara
Scott’s wonderful work. With the help of Gayle Ortiz and Toni Campbell, we
will see a photos of much of Barbara’s greatest knitting hits. Please wear
or bring your Barbara inspired garments.

Below is an index of the handouts I scanned and put on our yahoo.groups
listserv. These are available for you to use and enjoy. If you have any
handouts from her that are not on this list, please bring me a copy and we
can add it to the list! We all owe so much to Barbara.

I hope to see you on Tuesday evening the 10th or Thursday morning the

Pam Howell

INDEX — Knitting Handouts by Barbara Scott

Armholes & Shoulders

Back Neckline Shaping & Shoulder Seam Joins

Basics: Edges and Increases

Cables, Twists & Traveling Stitches

Cardigan Bands #1

Cardigan Bands #2

Cardigan Bands #3: Horizontal or Vertical

Drafting the Pattern

Fair Isle Knitting

Helpful Mathematics

Intarsia Knitting

Short Rows

Tubular Cast On and Bind Off

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May 2014 Program

Hi knitters,
OK, so now you’ve finished, or are close to finishing, your Baby Surprise Jacket.  Just who is this crazy knitting designer Elizabeth Zimmermann and how did she come up with such an unusual pattern?
It’s not just the Baby Surprise Jacket, but many other quirky tips and interesting patterns that Elizabeth Zimmermann (a/k/a EZ) is famous for, plus a whole philosophy of knitting.
Our Guild programs in May feature Barbara Bautz’s overview of EZ’s life and work.  Not just a knitwear designer but also a terrific writer and storyteller, Elizabeth Zimmermann has charmed knitters and non-knitters alike for generations.  Her legacy lives on in the work of her daughter, Meg Swansen, and grandson, Cully Swansen, through their publishing house, Schoolhouse Press.
Join us in May to find out more about knitting icon Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Bring your finished BSJ, and if you haven’t finished yet, well then, in EZ’s words, “PRESS ON!”
As usual, we’ll have our regular business meeting and announcements, and we’ll have a swift and ball winder available if you need it.
The NIGHT MEETING will be on Tuesday evening, May 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church,
2500 Soquel Ave.
The DAY MEETING will be on Thursday, May 15, from 10 a.m. to noon at Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, in the meeting room by the gym, toward the back of the complex.
Hope you can make it,
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April Meeting-Swatches

Swatching — do you find it just necessary, agonizing, or maybe even fun?  Check out Stella’s program, coming to both of April’s Guild meetings:


So you never swatch, right?  Can’t be bothered and want to get started on your project.  Maybe you never knit sweaters because you’re afraid they may not fit.  Or maybe you always swatch and have stories to share about how it saved you.  Either way, come to this program and find out why swatching should be your first step in any knitting project and how it can save you ultimate pain and agony in your knitting.

Stella Sexmith will give an overview of swatching, reasons to do it and best practices for making swatches.  Come prepared to make a swatch with some yarn and appropriate sized needles.  Or better yet, bring yarn to swatch for a pattern you want to do and get a head start on your next project.


As usual we’ll have our regular meeting with announcements and show-and-share and there will be at least one swift and ball winder at each meeting.

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J.C. Briar Knitting Guru is coming to town


Who is JC Briar?

  • Knitter She doesn’t spin, dye, or weave. Each day only has 24 hours and knitting alone offers countless avenues of exploration.
  • Puzzle Solver She likes to ask questions, probe beyond the surface, and figure things out.
  • Technique Freak You could call her a skill junkie. She collects knitting techniques like some people collect stamps.
  • Author Charts Made Simple
  • Teacher … of our next Guild Workshop
  • When: April 19, 2014
  • Where: United Way
  • Cost: $35 per class

9:00 – 12:00 Disaster Recovery
Mistakes happen. Fortunately, knitters have an array of techniques for dealing with mistakes. Learn when and how to tink, drop, and frog. See how duplicate stitch can cover over goofs in colorwork. And pick up tips for avoiding mistakes in the first place.

12:00 – 1:00 Brown bag lunch for knitters from either workshop

1:00– 4:00 Slick Set-in Sleeves
Set-in sleeves give a sweater a crisp, tailored look–and for easy knitting, you just can’t beat sleeves knit from the top down. Pick up stitches from the body, shape the sleeve cap with short rows, and you avoid the bulk of a seam and the fuss of easing a sleeve cap into an armhole. Learn to adapt an existing pattern to this approach, or to design according to your measurements.

Want to attend?
Send your check made out to Santa Cruz Knitting Guild to Toni Campbell, 3665 N. Main St., Soquel, 95073. Indicate which workshop you want to attend. As with previous Guild workshops, the fee is not refundable but you can sell or give your spot to someone else. Space is limited to 20 knitters per workshop. Your check will be returned if the workshops are full when your check is received.

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February Meeting 2014 YARN SWAP

Yarn Swap!

Now that you all diligently cleaned up your yarn stashes following our January program on managing your stash, you’re probably eager to trade for some new yarn.  There’s no such thing as too much yarn!  Or maybe you’d like to swap out that yarn you received at our holiday party gift exchange. Well, here’s your chance:  The Knitting Guild Annual Yarn Swap.

 Here’s how the swap will work:

 – If you have yarn that you no longer want or know you won’t use and youwant to simply give it away or swap for something else, that yarn will go on the “free for swap” table.  [Please bring a reasonable amount; this isn't the place to unload.]

- Depending on how many people want to participate in the “free for swap” table, we’ll draw numbers to make sure everyone has a chance to find a yarn she might like.

- Don’t have any yarns to bring?  That’s OK.  After yarn contributors swap, the table will be open for others to review.  Whatever unwanted yarn is left at the end will be donated to charity (or if your yarn wasn’t swapped, you can take it back if you want).

- Have some yarn that you’d like to sell?  That’s OK, too.  Simply mark the skeins with your name and the price and those yarns will be available for anyone at the meeting to purchase from you directly.  So bring cash or a checkbook if you think you might be purchasing yarn.  All money transactions are done independent of the Guild.

This is a great opportunity to pick up some yarns that are new to you or yarns that might supplement ones in your own stash.  At least one swift and ballwinder will also be available at each meeting.  After the Yarn Swap, the meeting will continue with our usual show-and-share.

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March Meeting

Did you make it to Stitches West in the Santa Clara Convention Center in February?  Did you take classes or simply shop The Marketplace?  Or couldn’t you make it this year?

Well, even if you went, you couldn’t do and see everything at such a massive event.  Here’s your chance to find out more about what happened at Stitches.  Come to the meeting with your own observations if you went:

  •  What was hot in The Marketplace
  • What new tips and tricks did you learn,
  • What is trending in patterns and yarns.
  • Show us what you bought,
  • share your freebies (if you got any), bring in your program brochure.


We’ll have our usual business meeting, too, and our popular show-and-share time (here’s your chance for project advice!).  And, as usual, we’ll have a swift and ball-winder if you need to ball up some yarn (maybe that you purchased at Stitches!)

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January 2014 – Happy New Year

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to clean up your stash? Trying to get a handle on your knitting projects and all your supplies? Well, you’re not alone! Few of us are on top of all things knitting in our households. But most of us have experimented with different methods to keep track of what we’re doing and what we’ve got on hand. Come and share your ideas and learn from others. To get the ball rolling, we’ll have some ready-made suggestions for things like: Storage methods for yarn and needles; keeping track of your yarns; managing your patterns, books, and magazines; stashbusting patterns, and more. What works for you?

And to help you get organized for your next project, we’ll have a swift and ball winder at both meetings.

Don’t forget! Now is the time to renew your membership. Dues for 2014 remain at the bargain price of $30. Bring your check or cash to either meeting in January or send your check (made out to Knitting Guild of Santa Cruz) to Sue Lovelace, 72 Paradise Park, Santa Cruz, 95060.


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